Contributions to Entomology 72(2): 213-253, doi: 10.3897/contrib.entomol.72.e97264
Supplement to the Staphylinidae fauna of Crete and the Aegean Islands, Greece (Coleoptera)
expand article infoVolker Assing
‡ Unaffiliated, Hannover, Germany
† Deceased author
Open Access
Recent field trips to Crete, Samos, and Rhodos, as well as a revision of other material from various collections yielded numerous additional records, species, and taxonomic changes for the Staphylinidae faunas of Crete and the Aegean Islands. Fifteen species are described and illustrated for the first time, two of the Pselaphinae, two of the Oxytelinae, two of the Aleocharinae, one of the Leptotyphlinae, and eight of the Scydmaeninae: Paramaurops creticus Brachat spec. nov. (Crete: Psiloritis range); Afropselaphus chanianus Brachat spec. nov. (Crete); Euphanias ambulans Assing spec. nov. (Samos); Bledius (Hesperophilus) bedelianus Schülke spec. nov. (Samos, Rhodos, Karpathos, South Turkey, Lebanon, Israel); Hydrosmecta cultellata Assing spec. nov. (Samos); Atheta (Philhygra) tecta Assing spec. nov. (Samothraki, Samos, Kos, Turkey); Cretotyphlus kerkisicus Assing spec. nov. (Samos); Cephennium amplexans Assing spec. nov. (Samos); C. monstrans Assing spec. nov. (Samos); C. icariae Assing spec. nov. (Ikaría); C. rhodicum Assing spec. nov. (Rhodos); Stenichnus (Stenichnus) samius Meybohm spec. nov. (Samos); S. (S.) amphimykalicus Meybohm spec. nov. (Samos, Southwest Turkey); Scydmoraphes amphimykalicus Meybohm spec. nov. (Samos, South-west Turkey); Euconnus (Tetramelus) rhodicus Meybohm spec. nov. (Rhodos). Three new synonymies are proposed: Throbalium cycladicum (Koch, 1937) = T. biblicum (Koch, 1937), syn. nov., = T. adanense Koch, 1939, syn. nov., = Throbalium kosianum Bordoni, 2020, syn. nov. Two new combinations are proposed: Tychus kerkisicus (Brachat, 2017), comb. nov. (ex Paratychus Besuchet, 1960) and Liogluta aloconotoides (Benick, 1940), comb. nov. (ex Aloconota Thomson, 1858). Several previous misidentifications are rectified. Numerous species are reported from Crete and the Aegean Islands for the first time, some even from Greece and from Europe. New checklists of the Staphylinidae of Samos and Rhodos are provided. Including the additions and changes, the faunas of Crete, Samos, and Rhodos are now represented by 403 identified named species (114 of them endemic), 199 named species (15 endemic), and 160 named species (10 endemic), respectively.
Coleoptera, Staphylinidae, Palaearctic region, East Mediterranean, Greece, Crete, Aegean Islands, taxonomy, endemism, endogean fauna, new species, new synonymies, new combinations, additional records, checklists