Contributions to Entomology 72(2): 321-338, doi: 10.3897/contrib.entomol.72.e97281
Faunistic and taxonomic notes on some Madagascan Muscidae (Diptera) and descriptions of three new species
expand article infoEberhard Zielke
‡ Institute of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria
Open Access

About 220 Muscidae collected from various locations in Madagascar and belonging to the subfamilies Azeliinae, Muscinae, Mydaeinae and Phaoniinae have been identified. Several specimens of the previously unknown female of Graphomya rossi Zielke, 1974 were found among the material. The female’s taxonomic characters are described in detail, also taking into account the intraspecific variability of some features of the females. The identification of the specimens of Hydrotaea bella Couri, Pont and Penny, 2006 led to the correction of a wrongly described taxonomic feature in the original species description. The notopleura of H. bella are not bare, as stated by the authors, but are covered with several dark setulae. Three species proved new to science and are described as Gymnodia malagasya spec. nov., Helina amboa spec. nov. and Helina hesitancia spec. nov. This means that six Gymnodia and eleven Helina species are now recorded from Madagascar.

Afrotropical Region, Madagascar, Muscidae, Gymnodia, Helina, new species